Toxic and less good foods for our doggies....

In English....

Please avoid ever giving you dog (-s) any of these foods:

1. Raw meat and poultry - risk of salmonella and clostridium (first rinse in boiling water)

2. Pork and especially bacon - contains large amounts of salt

3. Dairy products - can cause lactose intolerance - however certain milk products eg plain youghurt and cream are recommended in certain situations.

4. Raw eggs - can reduce B vitamin intake for your dog

5. Liver - small quantities cooked liver a couple of times a week is considered healthy. But, more than this is risky and may cause vitamin A poisoning which can lead to bone problems, weight loss and anorexia! ATTENTION! Never give your dog liver if supplements of vitamin A is given!

6. Onions - can break down red blood cells.

7. Garlic - very small amounts is harmless, while larger quantities can break down red blood cells.

8. Asparagus - contains harmful acids

9. Avocado - contains the topic Persin which is toxic for the dog and can cause diarrhea.

10. Broccoli in raw form. More than 10% of daily intake can cause intestinal irritation caused.  Substance isothiocyanate.

11. Chocolate / Cocoa - a substance similar to caffeine. Can cause cardiac arrest. A 20 kg dog can be poisoned by 40 g of dark chocolate or 200 grams of milk chocolate. The smaller the dog, the less chocolate it tolerates. Remember that this also applies cake or dessert containing chocolate.

12. Blue cheese - contains a fungus that dogs do not tolerate.

13. Nuts – contains lots of natural salt. They may contain high levels of mold spores. Nuts may cause inflammation of the intestines, which can cause vomiting, diarrhea and pain in the abdominal cavity. Peanuts in very small quantities can be ok. But, if you want be absolutely on the safe side, do not feed your them to your dog!

14. Raw potatoes - Contains alkaloids such as strychnine, nicotine and coniin. Also potential to pass worms to the dog.

15. Tomatoes belong to the nightshade family, like the potato, and therefore contain the same substances. Moreover, also a high amount of vitamin C that can create imbalance in the intestines.

16. Raisins and grapes - contain an unknown toxin that can cause kidney failure and be fatal to your dog.

17. Grapes - can be fatal!

18. Safran - Toxic!

19. Spinach - can inhibit the production of red blood cells

20. Mushrooms growing in the wild - some mushrooms are poisonous, others unsuitable. Best to avoid mushrooms completely, so the dog does not develop a fondness for them.

21. Apple cores - contains arsenic!

22. Nutmeg – causes hallucinations!

23. Rhubarbs and rhubarb leaves - contains oxalic acid.

24. Turkey skin - can cause inflammation of the pancreas.

25. Corn products of any kind - should as far as possible be excluded from the dog's diet as it can cause allergies.

26. Yeast - prompts alcohol poisoning in dogs and may very well be fatal! Should you be suspecious that your dog has eaten yeast, consult the vet immediately! The vet will inject a fluid  that causes the dog to empty its stomach immediately! Believe me, dogs perceive a package yeast as were it candy and it can easily consume an entire package without problems !!!

27. Sugar and sweetener must be kept out of the diet.

28. Raw fish. Fishmeat may contain worms which will wander from the stomach to the intestants. (This goes for humans, too...)

Finally something specific to breeders that I include here after having read about a breeder in England, who let her puppies drink milk from one of her cats AND reverse:

This is far from advisable as these are two completely different animals with different needs. 

Make sure you have instant formula for puppies in the house before the puppies arrive!!  Go to the vet and buy the best product available. It´s a tiny cost compared to loosing a litter if such a situation should occur. 
Also, I advice you to add some in the food you serve to the puppies when they start on a solid diet. This way you are sure the puppies get all nutrients they need for a healthy growth. I normally serve this mix: soaked grain free pebles, Royal Canin "Starter Mousse" and instant formula for the first two weeks. 

This list is not yet conclusive.  

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